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3 things to consider when eating fast food in public

All of us are sometimes secretly craving for something salty and fatty also known as 'fast food'. Be it McDonalds, BurgerKing or KFC: nibbling fries yourself is way more delicious than having to watch (and smell) someone else doing this.

Ideally fast food is being eaten right in the fast food restaurant, in your car or at home. If you cannot avoid eating your burger in public, I recommend considering these following tips in order to avoid earning angry looks:

Tip 1: Don't annoy passengers

If at all possible, do not eat your fries in small rooms, busses, elevators or escalators. The space around you and your fastfood is rather limited and people cannot help but having to inhale the typical smell, which can be all too pungent.

Tip 2: Don't spill

Often your fries come with a sauce, there is mustard dripping off that burger or the lid of your coke cup just went off. When in motion one cannot avoid accidential spilling. I highly recommend however to take extra care with this. Always make sure to have a napkin handy (they put them into that brown paper bag, too) and restrict movement as much as possible when biting.

Tip 3: Don't leave a mess

Public transport and parks are by far no dumping ground. Once you've enjoyed your chicken wings and are fully charged again, make sure to throw away used tissues and burger packaging. If you cannot find a bin, take everything with you and dispose of it at the earliest convenience.

These tips should help to make fastfood a bit more enjoyable for everyone when confronted with it in public. And always keep in mind... these angrily eyeing people are in fact just secretly wishing to also have one of that fries of yours.

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