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The only Gift Guide you need this season

Read this to find out what to present to your friends and family this year.

When you see ‘December’ written somewhere – what comes to your mind? For most of us, it will be things like snow, lights, mulled wine. In one word the festive season.

Closer to the end of this magical month, our emotions will reach a peak: be it yipping joy or resentful disappointment. Why, you ask? Well. It will be Boxing Day.

Christmas gift on Christmas tree

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

While in Germany, presents are opened on Christmas Eve, in the United Kingdom, it is not until the next day, Boxing Day, when ribbons are opened and wrapping papers are torn.

And doesn’t everyone wish to give the perfect gift on Christmas, huh?

This is why I have gathered a gift few ideas for you to consider when looking for presents for your beloved ones. For your convenience, I have grouped them in different categories:

  • For him

  • For her

  • For the kids

  • For our furry friends

  • Some just-in-case-we-will-be-invited-over-by-the-neighbors presents

For him

1. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

If he is into classically taking notes, but is also tech-savvy, then this option beautifully combines his two interests. (How to shop)

2. Piggy-bank for beer bottle caps

A great idea for beer lovers among your male audience: this present will be “in use” throughout the whole year and turns into a nice piece of decoration, once put on the wall. (Where to buy)

3. Kreafunk Bluetooth tRadio

A true find can be found in the Bluetooth radio: sleek design and contemporary look and feel make it a great gift to be handed over to your beloved male friends. (Shop it here)

For her

1. Artistic slippers

These artistic slippers inspired by K. Malevich’s motives are made for true art-friends! They are made by Russian designers ‘Razgulyaev x Blagonravova’ and manufactured from 100% leather. (Shop here)

2. Weekend at 5-star hotel

This will be an unforgettable experience! It can be so relaxing and fulfilling to just take a weekend off, stroll along the streets of your city like a tourist and spend the night in a 5-star-hotel, only to wake up and enjoy a great breakfast in bed! If you have the spare change, take her to a different city – this will top it!

3. Necklace with initials

This subtle necklace is a fine piece of jewelry, which beautifully shows that you care a lot about her. (Can be bought here)

For the kids

1. Fujifilm Instant Camera

This little piece of technology lets you do beautiful snapshots and prints them right away. Oh, welcome back to good old days! (Can be bought here)

2. Tipi for the smaller ones

I wish I was that young again: this tipi fits 2 – 3 little ones and serves as a great place to dream and listen to mommy and daddy reading tales. (More information here)

3. Playmobil Country

Some toys are simply classic. Whoever receives the Playmobil Country set will be more than happy to let their imagination flow and their parents relieved that the kid’s fine motor skills are being trained. (Shop for it here)

For our furry friends

1. Cat pillow

This knit cat sleeping place is soft and your cat will love it. It comes in different colors, so that you can choose which one fits your interior best. (More information on where to buy)

2. Hunter Travel Bowl

We love having out pets around us all the time, even when we travel. This travel bowl will make it easy for you to take care of your dog/cat when on a journey. (How to buy)

3. Ruffwear Summit Trex™ Dog Shoes

Not only we like warm and dry feet – treat your dog to a pair (in this case four) dog shoes. (Shop for it here)

Some just-in-case-we-will-be-invited-over-by-the-neighbors presents

1. Matreshka set

This lovely matreshka-santa-set will look pretty in every Christmas décor, so be brave and grab it in case the neighbors invited you over and you need a last-minute-gift. (Order here)

2. Egg cups

Even though in December it is still time until Easter, this present will not be left unnoticed. These concrete-made egg cups are just right for fragile breakfast eggs. (How to buy)

3. Thermos cup

This cup is perfect for both hot and cold drinks. It keeps the temperature of your latte just right on your way to the office. (More information here)


Having said all this, please keep in mind that the best gift you can give is your time and attention for the other person. Spend time together, listen and connect – this is what Christmas is all about.

I wish you a merry Christmas shopping season for now!

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