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6 things no one needs on their desk

…or do they? Most of us are charmed by the way some working desks look: clean, well in order, with quality gadgets to improve productivity and creativity.

When spotted, many hearts go “Aww, I love that...”.

In turn, others prefer a desk with individual character to it: loaded with paper stacks and cable leftovers, decorated with coffee stains, cookie crumbs and favorite books and magazines (which we alas never come around reading).

Whichever setting you prefer most, here is a collection of things, you do need on your desk!

They will help you stay connected (USB hub) and keep your cables in shape so that you can wave goodbye those days when you didn’t know which cable connects to what (cable management systems).

Whenever you want to give your ears a rest, you would be well advised to make use of some cool storage spot for your headphones.

The gooseneck holder for your tablet offers you additional freedom for your hands, because it conveniently holds your iPad for you – just adjust it to the position you desire.

Extra fun and rest are catered for by Henry, the little desk vacuum cleaner and the foot hammock, which lets you put your feet up for a little break.

You have other things you cannot live and work without? Let me know, I would love to hear!

Photo credit:

Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash

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