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How to ... please excuse me.

Here I am continuing the series about etiquette and what to do when you dropped a brick. Today let us reflect on what you should do, when something embarassing happens to you.

Apologize immediately .

Apologize in an authentic manner.

Apologize in an appropriate tone and style.

Those people who dont apologize when something goes wrong, burden their relationship with others. Thosem who do not apologize fast enough, make other people wait, feel uncomfortable and do not show required appreciation and respect for the other person.

If you do not mean to apologize, then don't bother saying 'I am sorry', just to have it off the agenda.

When in doubt, you should go with writing a well thought-through letter apologizing for what happened. In many cases this is much better than frantically calling someone and utterring incoherent apologetic words into the phone receiver.

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